The Event

✓ Session 1: Introduction to CQRS with Event Sourcing
Hemant Gaur

The audience learned about the CQRS pattern and suitable situations to use it. They also learned the implementation of a simple application based on CQRS pattern using tools like dynamo DB and Kafka for event storing and streaming of events.

This session was suitable for developers, senior developers, and architects.

Prerequisite: Knowledge about Java and some experience in maintaining and building software applications.

✓ Session 2: RESTful services using Spring MVC
Rahul Jain

RESTful web services are based on REST, which is a web standards-based architecture and uses HTTP Protocol for data communication.

RESTful web services are very lightweight, highly scalable and maintainable and today there are no projects or applications that don't have a REST API for the creation of professional services. Twitter, YouTube, Facebook… hundreds of companies generate business thanks to REST APIs.

The goal of this session was to provide a basic understanding of RESTful services and one should be able to write simple RESTful API using Spring MVC.

• Java
• Basics of spring core
• Maven
• Tomcat

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Where and When was it?



The 24th of November, 2018

08:30 AM to 12:00 PM


E - 43 / 1, Okhla Phase II
Okhla Industrial Area
Pocket D
New Delhi

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