The Event

Mega day! Mega event!

JetBrains India extending partnerships with the Delhi-NCR Java User Group brought us one of those days we want to witness as a professional working in this IT industry.

A road trip to spread awareness and knowledge, JetBrains is out on a mission to make things way simpler and easier for everyone who is linked with its tools, Java and the android daemon, Kotlin.

The JetBrains Road Trip to India was an event focused on Java, Team Tools, and Kotlin development which was held in the cities of Delhi and Hyderabad.

Being a community driven by enthusiastic users in the NCR, our prime responsibility is to bring the best for you.
This June, Delhi buckled up to be en-route JetBrains Road Trip and we, the Delhi-NCR JUG felt proud to be the partners for this event with two of the core leaders, Mala Gupta and Gurpreet Sachdeva being in the list of the prime speakers hosted by JetBrains.

Delhi-NCR JUG Leaders @ JetBrains Day Delhi

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Where and When was it?



The 16th of June, 2019

09:00 AM to 04:00 PM

Pullman New Aerocity Delhi
2 IGI Airport
GMR Hospitality District
Asset No 02, Aerocity
New Delhi

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